• Horseware Ireland Review

    Horseware Ireland made our list of sustainable equestrian footwear options, because of their commitment to energy efficiency and REACH compliance. Since Horseware Ireland offers multiple styles of country style boot, there were a few options to choose from.  I purchased the Rambo boot, although I still have not heard from Horseware Ireland about the supply chain and tanning methods.  The Rambo boot contained the least amount of leather, which was combined with their ballistic nylon (used ...
  • Footwear: Treat Your Feet Without Compromising Your Values

    Buying the proper footwear as an equestrian can be a lot of things - but stressful and daunting shouldn't be two of those things. Whether you want leather or vegan friendly, here are some eco-friendly footwear options that won't make you feel like you sold your soul to ride your horse in a nice pair of boots.

    Western Wear

    Kat Mendenhall
    Kat Mendenhall Boots with Standard Swirly Swirls design

    Kat Mendenhall Boots with Standard Swirly Swirls design

    Based out of Dallas, Texas, vegan activist Kat Mendenhall produces practical and stylish cowboy boots made from a patent microfiber material. The boots are PVC free, and are manufactured sustainably in the USA. Each pair of Kat Mendenhall boots has a natural grain look and is fully customizable. Women’s boots start at $485, and take about 6-8 weeks after the order is placed. (Bonus: Be sure to check out Kat’s web store for stylish vegan belts and other goods!)

    English Boots

    Hobo Boots
    Hobo Eco Collection Boots

    Hobo Eco Collection Boots

    German-based company Hobo produces boots made not only with vegetable tanned leather (some even come from organically raised Bavarian cows) – but they also produce a line of eco-friendly boots made with a recycled sole. Hobo produces dress boots, field boots, various styles of Jodhpur boots, and half chaps.  Unfortunately for riders located stateside, there is no US supplier of Hobo boots at this time....
  • Sustainability in the equestrian sector, a new report

    At the Goteborg Horse Show in Sweden a report about sustainability in the equestrian sector will be presented. The report is written in a cooperation between Lövsta Stuteri, Det Naturliga Steget, ZeroMission, Got Event and the Swedish equestrian federation. Good collaboration between five strong players with a common idea led to a booklet on horses and sustainable development. It contributes to an overview of the challenges related to keeping horses and hope to inspire others how they can ...
  • More sustainable choices for riders

    The good thing about curating this website is that I meet more and more people that share the same passion for sustainability. Our list of sustainable choices for riders is slowly, but steadily growing. Below you can find our latest finds. Tabequipe A few months ago I received an e-mail from the Swedish Anna Berggren, she was at that time busy making samples for her line of equestrian bags made out of recycled sails. Yep, that's right, the sails of boats provide an excellent strong and ...
  • Sustainable luxury stables in Mexico

    Mexican architects APT (Archictura para todos) developed an equestrian center on the highest point of Cuernavaca, Mexico. The project was published on the popular architectural website Designboom. They wrote: Aesthetically echoing simple powerful geometries and terraced construction of the region, the project also takes on another layer of sustainability by using a combination of locally sourced materials and labor, rainwater harvesting, biologically filtering grey water for irrigati...
  • Roadmap to better equine welfare in the European Union

    In May 2014 the European Commission hosted the first ever equine expert meeting. We wrote about it in another article. As a follow up on this meeting in 2014 World Horse Welfare and the Eurogroup for Animals just published a report called 'removing the blinkers'. The report provides an overview of the equidae and the equine sector in the EU. It uncovers welfare problems, analyses legislation currently affecting them and recommends how legislation can better protect horses in Europe. Although ...
  • Natural fly spray company looking for funding on Kickstarter

    Two years of research went into developing a natural fly spray that is not jam packed with chemicals, but mild on the horse, yet effective in chasing away bugs and flies. The campaign on Kickstarter tells the story behind the product: Brooke is a chemical engineering student at Virginia Commonwealth University and is one of the biggest horse lovers out there. While in organic chemistry, Brooke became curious about the ingredients in all the products she was using on her horses. After ...
  • 9 tips to make your (equestrian) event more sustainable.

    Guest post by Simon Strandvik During my years as a project manager for the eco-label Keep Sweden Tidy I was involved in environmental work of over 100 different events like music festivals, sporting events, conferences and fairs. Throughout these years, I’ve found good examples of how to communicate environmental issues and my biggest lesson was that there must be a combination of enthusiasts who are passionate about environmental issues and a management team that prioritizes the issue. ...
  • Swedish National Equestrian Centre Strömsholm sets example with ISO14001 certification

    Pictures with permission of Strömsholm More information about Strömsholm: visit their website.
  • Not your average horse show catering

    We all know that horse show catering is not always a feast for foodies. Last weekend however we attended the Paard&Lifestyle Masterclass which was held at the beautiful premisses of the Dutch equestrian federation. The organisation did a great job in getting an interesting programm together, with clinics from excellent horse men like Tristan Tucker and Rien van der Schaft. Of course we liked the clinics, but especially worth a mention was the catering. Outside there were long waiting lines ...