More sustainable choices for riders

The good thing about curating this website is that I meet more and more people that share the same passion for sustainability. Our list of sustainable choices for riders is slowly, but steadily growing. Below you can find our latest finds.

A few months ago I received an e-mail from the Swedish Anna Berggren, she was at that time busy making samples for her line of equestrian bags made out of recycled sails. Yep, that’s right, the sails of boats provide an excellent strong and durable fabric, that usually just ends up on the landfill after it is no longer usable as a sail on a boat.
Last week she launched her website, where you can find her entire range of practical bags and eco-friendly brushes, all made in Sweden. She also sells one of our favourite horse grooming brands, Ecolicious.


The German brand Hobo creates beautiful jodhpur boots out of vegetal tanned leather, in most cases even made from organically raised cows from the Bavarian Alps. The glue that is used to glue the sole to the upper part of the boots is water based. The boots are made in Portugal, so no excess shipping around of stuff before the boots reach the customer.

hobo eco

Rockfish Wellies
Do you ever think what kind of rubber your boots are made of? Well, let me tell you, there are a lot of different qualities around. And they are not all equally created. The British brand Rockfish creates wellies made of 100% natural rubber and they make sure the boots will last very long.


Marques & Vieira
Yet another Swedish brand, but made in Portugal. Marques &Vieira make equestrian boots for various disciplines. They recently launched an eco-boot made out of vegetal tanned leather. The brand is planning on enlarging their range of sustainable boots in the near future.

eco riding boots

Are we missing out on a great brand that should also be featured on The Sustainable Horse? Please let us know!