Sustainability in the equestrian sector, a new report

At the Goteborg Horse Show in Sweden a report about sustainability in the equestrian sector will be presented. The report is written in a cooperation between Lövsta Stuteri, Det Naturliga Steget, ZeroMission, Got Event and the Swedish equestrian federation.

Good collaboration between five strong players with a common idea led to a booklet on horses and sustainable development. It contributes to an overview of the challenges related to keeping horses and hope to inspire others how they can increase the pace of the change to a sustainable society with regard to the planet, people and animals.

We saw that there were several good reports on sustainability, but we lacked an overview. We wanted to introduce a comprehensive tekst, for all who work with horses and in which everyone can find one or more areas to work with, says Alexandra Morner, AxFoundation and Lövsta Stuteri

It aims to show which areas that need to be addressed and how to do it. Hopefully it is a starting point for more projects in the future, projects that will make us and our horses to become “planet attendants”. Concern for nature should be closely linked to the concern for the horse because it is so strongly dependent on our natural systems.

Being a planet attendant means creating a sustainable society with regard to the planet, people and animals, a title and a task we must all strive for, says Jenny Blomberg Zero Mission, along with Camilla Välimaa on The Natural Step has written the script.

You can find the report here: (in Swedish only).