Organic Mane Detangler


Hawkins Organics mane detangler is free from nasty chemicals. It contains no parabens, no sulphates and is perfectly ph-balanced. Eau de Neigh is not just an ordinary mane detangler, it will also let your horse smell like apples and mint!





About Hawkins Organic:

Hawkins Organic has been created by Belle and Mike who were keen to find a range of natural and where possible organic products, for use on their own animals on their Suffolk farm…But why ?

Since 2010 Belle has fought through two different bouts of Breast cancer and as part of this journey gained a better understanding of some of the nasty ingredients that many products unfortunately contain. With this in mind she started to look more carefully at the products and produce she used herself. Belle’s horses and faithful Labrador Miss Crumble, were by her side throughout this challenging time which prompted us to question why should they be subjected to products that contain many nasty chemicals and parabens that have been linked to cancer?  Market research then highlighted that whilst some animal grooming products advertise as ‘natural’ they still contain chemicals, perfumes and additives. This prompted us to begin our journey to not only change the type of products we used on ourselves but to provide our beloved animals with products that are effective but importantly kind to their skin.

Hawkins Organic was born after months and months of research and investigation into ingredients which meet Belle’s strict requirements.  It’s paramount to us that our products not only smell great but they outperform products already on the market without containing any nasties.