Natural fly spray company looking for funding on Kickstarter

Two years of research went into developing a natural fly spray that is not jam packed with chemicals, but mild on the horse, yet effective in chasing away bugs and flies.

The campaign on Kickstarter tells the story behind the product:

Brooke is a chemical engineering student at Virginia Commonwealth University and is one of the biggest horse lovers out there. While in organic chemistry, Brooke became curious about the ingredients in all the products she was using on her horses. After examining these products, she became concerned about the harsh chemicals in the fly repellents that that were being sprayed on her horses daily. Thus, she wanted to formulate a natural fly repellent that she could use and feel confident in the safety of the product.

That Spring, Brooke began formulating and testing her natural fly spray. Brooke recruited fellow horse lovers to try the product so she could receive feedback and continue moving forward with this project. Today, two years later, we have supporters across the country that are waiting for Champion’s Natural Fly Spray to be available for purchase.

You can help fund this project here.