Equine nutrition company starts Indiegogo campaign

Something great is about to happen in Northern Ireland. Start-up equine nutrition company Equinutritive has started an ambitious Indiegogo campaign.
Equinutritive started last month with a small range of herbal blends for horses. Alexandra, the founder, explains:

Since starting the business and using a number of suppliers, I have been bothered by the fact of not knowing exactly where the products are coming from, how they’re produced, the conditions of the workers etc. I would also much rather support the local economy, however there are no suppliers in Northern Ireland for what I need – mainly herbs.

I have access to some family land and want to build a number of earth sheltered greenhouses to grow all of the items required for my expanding range of products. I will also need to build solar drying rooms, so that the herbs can be dried. My dream is to run the business based on completely sustainable practices, utilising permaculture principles. This will help the local economy, will hopefully help us to become suppliers to other businesses, provide jobs and ensure that my business is accountable for every single step in the process – knowing that it is ethical on every level.

We think this is an admirable project and will be following the progress closely.
For now, a big shout out to go and help Alexandra achieve her funding goal!

Find more about the project on the Indigogo site here.