Environmental award for Lövsta Future Challenge qualifier event

The Swedish Lövsta Future Challenge not only compensates all the carbon produced by their participants and judges (as I wrote about in another article) , they are also holding a competition for the organizers of the qualifying events to make their events more climate friendly. This year Everlövs ridsällskap turned out the best and receive this year’s award.

They have, amongst other things focused on organic, locally sourced and homemade food, removed all throw-away items and changed the paper towels in the toilets to real towels.

I myself am environmentally conscious and think it is an important issue for all of us. The environment and food are high on the agenda and we are trying to do what we can, says Camilla Larsson of Everlövs Riders.

She says that their most important measure has been to buy almost everything locally.
Meat from thefarmer andeggs fromthe neighbourand strawberriesfrom the local area. We alsoremoved everything withplastic.

To other organizers who want to work with the environment she says that it is not as difficult as you sometimes think.

Everyone can buy locally. We are lucky to have good staff who feel it is important and have fun to be as environmentally friendly even in small things such as preparing food from scratch. It is also important for the riders to get good food when they compete and often there is very poor choice and if you are vegetarian it’s even worse, says Camilla Larsson.

The Lövsta Future Challenge will continue to stimulate environmental thinking and next year we’ll have to hope the organizers will even go a step futher and we will challenge all our riders to think a little more about climate, says Antonia Ax: son Johnson, the sponsor behind Lövsta Future Challenge.
The environmental award was awarded after the finals of Lövsta Future Challenge at Friends stadium on 28 November 2014.

Picture: Magnus Olausson