Danish Blue Hors Stud uses biomass heating

The famous Blue Hors Stud in Denmark, home to a series of impressive stallions like Don Schufro, Zack and Romanov, got a total make over in 2013/2014.
The total facility stretches out over 250 hectare on which the young stock is being raised, the hay and straw is being grown and where you can find a equestrian center that’s state of the art.
The new buildings were designed by Danish architects EplusN.

It’s an architectural feast for the eye and the entire complex has a very efficient set up which makes caring for the breeding stallions, the competition horses and the mares that come in for insemination an enjoyable experience.

I was lucky enough to see it all during a grand tour over the property when I was exhibiting there at the Global Dressage Forum.
To keep the buildings at a comfortable temperature to work in a considerable amount of energy is needed, as one can imagine. I was happy to discover a huge biomass heating installation in one of the barns. The installation is filled with wood chips sourced locally. A logical question from my side was if Blue Hors had considered using their own dried horse manure to fill the installation. Indeed they had, but due to government regulations using horse manure was not allowed in Denmark.

I would love to find out more about these regulations as it sounds like a rule that should be changed rather sooner than later!

Below are some pictures of this incredible horse heaven, published with kind permission of EplusN architects.

Blue Hors Indoor

Blue Hors grooming area

Blue Hors Architecture

Blue Horse Indoor

Blue Hors Stud